Sunday, December 6, 2015

This rain has washed away many ill concepts and communal hatred in Chennai

Syed Mujahid Ali NaQvi Pasted on Facebook:
3 hrs
Below are FB posts by non Muslims in context of Chennai floods that say :
# We were not willing to give our homes for rent to Muslims in our localities . Today Muslims are opening up their mosques and providing us shelter . I wish no more babri masjids are demolished, it would help us for another calamity.
FB post by Sankara Rama Bharathi - 
" Rains of Humanity"
A mom just called her son from a mosque where she has been sheltered and fed . She said 'I am feeling safe and also watching how Muslims pray their Lord from the behind .. Am also praying to God during that time ....
This rain has flooded my city with humanity .. our people are escaping the traps of death today.. In dangerous times like these, our popular media has made us to believe that the rescuer is an action hero like Arjun, Sarath Kumar & Vijayakanth and the villains are bearded Muslim youth . But today, I witness that these bearded Muslim youth are spread across the nook and corner of the city & have daringly ventured into areas where the army & administration were hesitating .. I see these youth are rescuing any victim men, women, children & old age folks , pulling out dead bodies and distributing food . As I sit in refuge in a mosque today, I seek forgiveness from Allah for many a times believing that these good hearted youngsters were terrorists "
A muslim engineer from Crescent Engineering college was helping to rescue the flood victims. He swam and rescued a non Muslim woman from a dangerously stranded place and moved her to a safe spot. She was in labour pain at that time and by grace of Allah delivered the baby safe . As a mark of gratitude to Br. Younus for saving their lives, the parents Mohan & Chitra have named their new born son 'Younus' . - this is a headline in the Tamil daily paper today.
# All cow eaters, please go to Pakistan - This is Communalism
#All affected by rains, please come to the mosque - This is Humanism
not a single government officer or politician has visited us for all these rain battered days .. A few strangers knocked out doors yesterday and gave us food . I have never seen those Muslims before .
👆 truly these posts are so touching and a big Iman boosters for us !!
Such is the power of character that it can flip the society's prejudiced paradigm of Muslims

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