Sunday, September 20, 2015

Strategic Voting still appeals to JCOMOE for Bihar Elections

Joint Committee of Muslim Organizations for Empowerment issued following press note to day. 
New Delhi, 16 September, 2015: Mr. Syed Shahabuddin, Convener, JCMOE has issued the following Press Note:-
At urgent meeting of Joint Committee of Muslim Organizations for Empowerment (JCMOE) held in New Delhi it was confirmed that the voting strategy it had developed was perfectly suitable even in Bihar State Election to achieve the objective of the secular forces to defeat the BJP and to maximize the representation of secular members, particularly of Muslims, and other deprived groups in the coming assembly as well as to promote and help the formation of a secular Government in Bihar. 
The JCMOE also reiterated its considered view that the only way to raise the representation of deprived groups, in the absence of Reservation or Proportional Electoral Representation System is to  ensure that all secular voters vote unitedly at the constituency level. The JCMOE propose that  all secular voters unitedly and massively vote in favour of ONE Winnable Secular Candidate, acceptable to all groups, irrespective of religion or caste or Baradari. The JCMOE its appeals to all deprived voters, particularly the Muslims and Dalit that they should not be divided in any constituency and vote unitedly and massively.Muslim form about 18% of the of the voters and the Dalits 16%. They are the biggest groups and together with the Yadavs and the Kurmis and Koeris they from a majority particularly all over Bihar.
BJP is supported by high castes only but is following a strategy to divide Muslims and consolidate Hindus by creating Hindu-Muslim conflicts. The Muslim should not fall to this strategy and remain composed in the face of violence. New Delhi
16 September, 2015

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