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Syeda Sadia Khatoon writes on Formation of Rocks and Imam Jafar al Sadiq (a.s) heart emoticon m

heart Imam Jafar al Sadiq (a.s) was discussing with Abu Shakir about existence of Allah; During the discuss Imam (a.s) told him about formation of stone.mam (a.s) Said ‘’You do not know what a stone is and how it came into being. Today you can handle it as you like and cut it into any shape or form, but there was a time when it was in liquid state. Gradually it cooled down and Allah solidified it.’’
Reference: The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher Imam Jafar Ibn Mohammed As-Sadiq (as) P.13
Now let’s compare above saying of Imam (a.s) with Modern Science of Rocks. Geology is primarily a study of the Earth’s rocks. As with any science, a first step in achieving understanding is the development of a classification.
There are three basic types of rocks:
1) Igneous,
2) Metamorphic,
3) Sedimentary.
The interesting part of knowing these names is that any one of the three types of rock can be changed into one of the other types.
Now up to This Point Lets Focus on First Type of Rock; Igneous rocks get their name from the Latin word for fire “igneus”. The name is appropriate because these rocks are born of fire. These represent not only the most abundant of all rock types but also the original type of rock found on Earth. Given that the Earth cooled from a melted (Liquefied) state after the formation of the Moon, all rocks on Earth owe their origin to igneous processes.
Here interesting point to note is that all rocks begin as igneous rocks. Before rocks can be transformed by sedimentation and weathering or metamorphosed by the heat and pressure of plate tectonics to another type, they must first be cooled from the intense heat of the mantle.
heart emoticon From above discussion we can now conclude that heart emoticon
Igneous Rocks are fundamental of all types. Due to very high temperature these were in liquid state and when they cooled they become Igneous rocks now this type of rock can be transformed to other types.
Now if you read conclusion again you will realize that it is nothing but translation of above saying of Imam (a.s).

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