Monday, August 10, 2015

Dr. Javed Jamil calls upon Muslims to be proactive, not reactive in their fight for justice

Dr Javed Jamil has called upon Muslims to be proactive, not reactive in fighting for justice, especially against the discriminative role of the Government and administration. He was delivering a talk on “State. Judiciary and Muslims” at Jamaat-Islami Hind Headquarters, New Delhi on Saturday.
He started his talk by quoting the Qur’anic verse, which calls forjustice even if it demands testimony against one’s self, parents or relatives. He said that “justice cannot be expected to rule a world where forces of economics write the book of the law and the lobbies, state as well as non-state, have become too powerful to allow anything against their interests.” He said that thewritten law is lame and whatever of it remains is killed by the executive machinery and legal system.He said that “while both the contending parties of lawyers are speaking lies, the judge is expected to brin g truth out of these lies.” He lambasted the international legal system saying that the “Law had become a massive industry” and “the prisons have become big hotels where criminals are fed and entertained for years with the money of the people".

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