Saturday, August 15, 2015

A letter to Pakistani friends posted on Fb on the eve of 14th August

Dear friends! Assalamu Alaikum
I wish to convey my all good wishes to my Pakistani brothers and sisters, who are part of my own blood and flash, a very happy year ahead which will dawn upon you on 14th August.
Friends, a new nation was born 68 years ago on this day with the dreams of a safer home with Muslim conduct of the State, where Islamic way of life will blossom. Islam is synonymous to good will, peace of mind and purity of heart. On this day of National Celebration, I urge you to contemplate upon this situation. Had the Nation is closing to desired goal or dithering away in wilderness! Do People of Pakistan are living as an “Ummat-e-Wahida” or divided groups with mutually conflicting interests?
Allah Subhanahu Tala has blessed this part of the globe with His abundant gifts. Best religion of peace and most beautiful places to live in and to enjoy stunning sights of nature. But had dis-orientated people not made parts of country full of fear and violence?
If a person today travels from one coner of the country to the other, he will hardly find a “Muslims”. Everybody likes to identify himself from his maslak or cult. He is Shia or Sunni, Deobandi or Barelevi, Whabi, Tableeghi and Talibani etc. All swear to Islam, but few follow golden teachings of modesty and tolerance which are the essence of Islam.
I also feel pained to indicate that except for a few circumstances’, one will not find a “Pakistani”. There are Punjabi, Sindhi and Sarhadi etc. Even after 68 years of migration, generations of erstwhile Muhajirs are still identified as “Muhajir”. This is a shame for the people who chose to separate themselves in the name of Islam and one “Muslim” nation.
Dear brothers and sister! baKhuda neither I am passing a judgment nor chiding you. I just wish my sisters and brothers and their young generations to examine present day of state and dedicate themselves to fulfill the dreams which your leaders sold before the nation was carved out. Don’t be trapped in the dispute “Who is responsible”. Only consider what role you can play to pull the nation out of this situation. We only wish to see a safe, secure, peaceful and harmonious Muslim nation in our neighborhood.
My dear friends for quite some time, as a journalist I tried to understand our younger generation through Fb platform. I sadly noted that boys are generally silly, while girls are MashaAllah on higher level of intellect. In a traditionally male dominated society, this disparity is not a good sign for family life. So far as religiosity is concerned, one can feel pleased. “But” - after this “but” there is a huge void. Symptomatic religiosity is may be more damaging as Quran has indicated in Surah Maoon. We call mercy from Allah. Only He can show us “Sirat-e-Mustaqeem”.
Please do not think that I am passing a commentary. Rather it is “tazkeer” or reminder of the goals. I humbly pray Almighty Allah to bestow his blessing all over the world and especially Muslim Ummah.
2. Friends, on 15th August, we Indians also “officially” celebrate our Independence Day. This day is very special personally for my family. On this day in 1975, I had taken a pledge in the form of “Nikah” with a young, handsome and sensible girl. Alhamdulillah in last 40 years we have grown in a family of over 30 members including our three sons and five daughters and grandchildren. I was born in a remote village in a small landlord family. Luckily I was youngest in a progeny of ten. By grace of Allah and blessings of my mother and father, I became first Graduate and PG of a big family of my great grandfather. I migrated from my village to the capital of India as a journalist. Alhamdulillah our all daughters are highly educated and well settled after marriage. My sons are also educated and qualified hands of their fields. All 3 are self-employed and in a position to employee others. Allah has blessed us with His generous bounty. After Zamidara absolution, we find our empowerment in education and dedication to our work. My wife is a business lady. However we lead a moderate living. Simplicity is really essence of mental peace and good health. For all this we are grateful to Allah, the sustainer of world. This sense of fulfillment makes this day of 15th August very especial for us. Purpose of sharing these details is only to to urge my friends to consider great role of education in modern times and also request you for Dua.
3. On this 15th August I intend to enter in a new face of freedom. And that is freedom from “FB addiction.” This addiction has critically caught our youngsters. We spend our precious time in chatting for nothing. Unfortunately FB has also become of platform for bad things. However I will like to remain in contact with several “gems” I discover through Fb including Sister Sabrina Lie, Mohammad Zafarullah Marawat, several literary groups and teachers like Maulana Tahir Madani, who source of information and inspiration.
Once again I extend my heartiest congratulations to all of you irrespective of place of living. If you have read this lengthy post, I admire your patience and express my regards. 
Vice President: All India Educational Movement
New Delhi-25


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