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NGO Pechan did a miracle: school drop-out girls want to learn tailoring, did BCA etc

School dropout girls went there to learn tailoring but now doing BCA ,Graduation etc ; thanks to ‘Pehchan’

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L-R Mubeena, Sumayya,Mahenoor and Farha Naaz

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent,

New Delhi ,  7 June 2015 : Farha Naaz, Mahenoor and Sumayya these are the  school dropout girls whose parents cant afford to send them school either they were very poor or the schools are far away from their homes. The girls were passing their time at homes, but when Pehchan started a centre  in Jaitpur Extension  near Okhla to give those drop outs a Pehchan (recognition ) these girls also decided to get their own  Pehchan (recognition ). They joined the centre and are doing what they aspired  to be once.

L-R,Farida Khan, Iqbal Ahmad,Shabnam Hashmi and others.

L-R,Farida Khan, Iqbal Ahmad,Shabnam Hashmi and others.

Jaitpur Extention, is a resettlement colony  adjacent to Muslim populated Okhla, where 90% population is poor or lower middle class family.Most of the people are daily wagers and in every household we can find school dropout girls .

When Pehchan opened its centre in 2010 , Farha Naaz a school dropout after 5th standard joined Pehchan centre in 2010 to learn stitching and tailoring. Pehchan encouraged her to continue study and helped her prepare for high school. Now she is pursuing graduation ( privately  from Jamia Millia Islamia ) doing a Teacher Training Course and also teaching in  Al Hira Public School .Talking to Muslim Mirror  Farha said   ‘I am so  lucky that I joined Pehchan as it  changed my life completely .

A group photo of students and staff.

A group photo of students and staff.

Mahenoor , another 5th class drop also came to join stitching and tailoring at Pehchan.Mrs Farida Khan convinced Mahenoor  to pursue her education and appear for high school.Literally within three months Mahenoor appeared for high school cleared.She went on to completed 12th and passed with first division. Now she is pursuing BCA from IGNOU.’Now I want to persue my career in computer science’ said Mahenoor to

Pehchan  brought a sea change in  the life of  Sumayya off course  for the better . Sumayya   comes from a broken family. She has six siblings. Her mother shifted her to village after divorce . Pehchan knew the family and convinced her aunt to call Sumayya back to Jaitpur. Sumayya had dropped out of school after class 7th. She joined Pehchan in 2012 and cleared high school in 2013 with first division.This year she has appeared for 12th. In the meantime she has been teaching in a private school and also takes tutions at home.

Sewing machines are presented to girls on the completion of tailoring course.

Sewing machines are presented to girls on the completion of tailoring course.

These are the few success stories the credit of which go to  Pehchan and its dedicated team especially Farida Baji who is in charge of this centre.

More than 40  girls have passed their high school and 12th from Jamia Millia Islamia sitting as private candidates while studying at Pehchan Coaching Centre so far .

Hundreds of them have got vocational training at the centre. Apart from coaching the girls for the exams of 10th and 12th classes the center also gave vocational training to over 300 girls during  last five years.

Pehchan is planning for its expansion to reach out more and more drop out girls.It also want to open a computer centre and hold regular camps to help the residence of the area to apply in various institutes like ITI, IGNOU. It.It also guides and helps students  to apply for scholarship.

Under the trusteeship of noted activist Shabnam Hashmi,  Pehchan is making a difference in the life of many school  dropout girls . Pehchan has also given a new ‘Pehchan’  to its chairperson  journalist  Iqbal Ahmad and turned him into an ‘activist’  who is doing a good job in  his  ‘newly  discovered’  field.

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