Monday, January 19, 2015

Good versus Bad: Western Game of Terms

Written by Dr. Javed Jamil
·       When someone speaks against Jews, it is anti-Semitism worthy of strongest condemnation
·       When someone speaks against blacks, it is racism again worthy of strongest condemnation
·       When someone speaks against Holocaust, it is not just anti-Semitism but one is immediately booked; when a Muslim President challenges the facts about Holocaust, he is labeled as the biggest hater of all times
·       When someone speaks against Alcohol and Sexual Midemeanours including promiscuity, prostitution and homosexuality, it is retrogression and attack on “Freedom” (even if these freedoms kill tens of millions every year); such enemies of freedom need to be socially boycotted and haunted like criminals
·       When some Muslims speak against Western violence (and describes the facts about millions of killings in Muslim lands), it is hate speech, propaganda and victimhood
·       When someone kills people loyal an Assad or a Ghaddafi, he is freedom fighter
·       When Western or Israeli armies kill thousands to millions of innocent Muslims, it is Collateral Damage
·       When some Muslim kills a Western or attacks Western target, it is Terrorism
·       When some Muslims fight against Russia, they are “Mujahedeen”. (People involved in good Jihad)
·       When some Muslims fight against West or West backed rulers, they are Jihadis (Bad Jihad)
·         Dr Javed Jamil doctorforu123@yahoo.

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