Thursday, October 23, 2014

Muslims in the words of a RSS man

As I do remember, it was around the time, when the alliance between Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, formed after the demolition of Babri Masjid, had collapsed, and both were fighting the election separately, that a high ranking officer in some bank, who happened to be my LL.B. student at Shia College, Lucknow, came to my residence to get some guidance before the examination. By chance, we indulged in political discussion, during which he disclosed that he was a hardcore R.S.S. functionary. It ignited my passion to know his views about the role Muslims in Indian politics. After seeking my permission to speak out the truth, he uttered the following words which are still fresh in my mind.

“ We talk against Muslims in our public speeches, but in private meetings, we always conclude that the community has become almost dead.”
To elaborate his point he clarified:
“ Agar kisee jaanwar kaa bhee khoonta change hota hei, to voh bhee na-ee jagah par kuchh din ‘ cheekh pukaar' karta hei. Lekin Muslims to is matlab ke bhee naheen rahey. Mulayam Singh aur Mayawati mil kar election ladey, Muslims ne pooree support dee. Tab yeh becha-rey donon ke naa-rey lagaa rahey tthey. Ab donon alag ho ga-ey, to kuchh Mayawati ke khoontey par bandhey ‘Mayawati zindaabaad’ ke narey lagaa rahey hein, kuchh Mulayam Singh ke khoontey par bandhey ‘ Mulayam Singh zindaabad’ ke naa-rey lagaa rahey hein. Agar 100-200- 500 Muslims ne bhee donon kee kothiyon par jaa kar naa-rey laga-ey hotey ke ‘kambakhto hum ney tumhein B.J.P. ko haraa-ney ke liye vote diya ttha, aur tum apnee satta ke liye alag ho ga-ey. Tum donon ne hamaa-rey saath gaddaree kee hei’ tab bhee yeh kahaa jaa saktaa ttha ke Muslim community mein kuchh jaan baaqee hei.”

            Hearing his comments, for a moment my ego drove me mad, but when I introspected, I found his words truthful, and ever since I apply them to every political development as it emerges. Though the instances are galore, but the recently concluded Parliamentary election is the most glaring one. All the so-called secular parties were soliciting Muslim vote in the name of ‘ defeating B.J.P.’, and the community too spared no effort in their cherished goal of ‘ safeguarding secularism’. But astonishingly there was no sustained campaign by the community to compel these so-called secular parties to forge a common alliance, if their purpose was identical. Some of these secular leaders boastfully claim that B.J.P. polled only 31% votes, meaning thereby that 69% Indian people are against it.For me it is the greatest shame that 31 % have defeated 69%

            The same story is going to be repeated in the coming U.P. Assembly elections within two or three years. With B.J.P. having considerably dented into the backward votes of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Dalit vote of Mayawati, it is written on the walls that it will come to power, if S.P. and B.S.P. do not form a common platform. But in all probability, they will fight separately, and poor Muslims, having no power to compel them to come together, will stop B.J.P. – some through Mulayam Singh, and some through Mayawati. However, if any Muslim-based political party fields its candidates, though in a limited way, the whole structure of secularism will be in danger, and secular vote will be divided.

What a great height of mental bankruptcy for Muslims, and hypocrisy for the so-called secular parties!
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
Chairman, All India Muslim Forum
Lucknow, U.P. India

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