Thursday, October 30, 2014

A.M.U. Students Union: A. Azzam elected President, Masood VP and Shahzeb Gen. Sec.

ALIGARH October 30: Mr. Abdullah Azzam, student of Law has been declared elected as President of the AMU Students’ Union in a four-corner contest. He defeated his nearest rival Leyaqat Khan by a margin of 671 votes. The results were declared late last night by the Chief Election Officer, Prof. (Hm) Naeem Ahmad Khan.
Syed Masoodul Hasan, student of MA (Mass Communication) was elected as Vice President by a huge margin. He secured 7851 votes. Mr. Shahzeb Ahmad, student of PGDIBF was elected as Honorary Secretary of the Students’ Union by a huge margin of 3183 votes.
Ten Cabinet members of the AMU Students’ Union were also elected. Abdullah Imran secured highest vote. Other elected members are Janib Hasan, Mohd. Shadab Akhtar, Pervez Ahmad Ansari, Saddam Husen, Ms. Kehkashan Khanam, Mohd. Shahwaiz, Asad Yar Khan, Mohd. Areful Hoque and Khalid Ali Khan.
Eleven candidates of the various faculties for the membership of the AMU Court, the highest governing body of the University, were also elected. These include Mr. Adeel Ahmad (Arts), Mr. Ata Ahmad (Agriculture and Theology), Mr. Mohd. Imran Quadri (Commerce), Mr. Hasan Faraz (Engineering and Technology), Mr. KMAA Saddam Husain (Life Sciences), Mr. Babu Ali (Science), Mr. Muteeur Rahman (Unani Medicine), Mr. Arshan Khan (Social Sciences), Mr. Aquarabullah Khan (Management Studies), Mr. Faisal Khan (Medicine) and Mr. Ahmad Mujtaba Faraz (Law).
In the Women’s College Students’ Union elections, Gulfiza Khan was declared elected as President while Noorain Batool and Afra Khanam wrested the posts of Vice President and Honorary Secretary, respectively.
According to Dr. Roohi Ahmad, Chief Election Officer, eight cabinet members were also elected to the student body. Nisha Parveen secured highest vote. Other elected members are Anam, Aiman, Arwa Khanam, Samra Hasan, Samar Rahat, Rabiya Parveen and Verda Sherwani.
These elections were held peacefully.
 (Dr. Rahat Abrar)
Public Relations Office

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