Thursday, September 4, 2014

We condemn the Al Qaeda call and doubt it a conspiracy to create tensions before Assembly Polls.

We condemn the Al Qaeda call and doubt it may be a conspiracy to create tensions before Assembly Polls.
US media and intelligence agencies said today that al-Qaeda has established a new branch to wage "jihad" in India, "return the Islamic rule" and impose sharia in the Indian sub-continent. We condemn the brain behind the news. As Muslims we also condemn the terror laced ideology of Al-Zawahiri and his satanic clan.  We also warn him to stay away from India, the homeland of 20 Crore Muslims.

The news circulated by US media says that creation of a group "Qaedat al-Jihad in the Indian Subcontinent" was announced by As Sahab, al-Qaeda's official media outlet, in a lengthy video posted on social media outlets including You Tube.

Government of India has alerted security agencies and IB is investigating authenticity of the news. We hope untainted investigation and not to take US media reports as true on their face value.Even if video is true, who is behind the man and his mission?  

Indian Muslim youth need to be doubly vigilant otherwise they may be trapped. Any doubt on their activity may land them behind the bars for years and years. Do not open doubtful messages and never respond to the calls of unidentified persons.

Be aware, this may be a well-planned conspiracy also to create troubler and communal divisions in Indian society before upcoming by elections and assembly elections especially in J&K, Maharashtra and also in Jharkhand where efforts are being made to unleash communal passions and polarize the electorate.  – Syyed Mansoor Agha, Gen. Sec. Forum for Civil Rights, India.

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