Monday, June 23, 2014

Vow to eradicate curse of DOWRY this Ramazan: Sherwani

By Mustafa Sherwani
Muslims must vow against dowry (Jahez) in Ramadhan
Dear Muslims!
Ramadhan is fast approaching, and you all will not only observe month long fasts, but will also intensify your worship (Ibaadaat). However, that apart, we must also use this sacred month to eliminate those social evils which have spoiled the very face of Islam, and which lead our brothers from other religions to form an opinion about us.

As you all know that ‘ dowry’ ( Jahez system), in its prevalent form is totally prohibited in Islam, but has become one of the worst social evils afflicting the Muslim society. It is the creation of our own greed, and to dispense with it is exclusively within our power. During this month, everywhere you will be hearing references to ‘Hadith’ and ‘Sunna’ of Prophet (SAW), as what was his practice and routine during Ramadhan, but do we ever discuss as how he solemnized the marriage of his daughter Janabe Syeda Fatima Zohra (R.A.) and must make it a fundamental norm for our marriages.

Let us now wake up! Let , during the entire month, there must be unequivocal messages from the pulpits of every mosque.

“ Islam mein ‘ jahez’ (dowry) kaa lenaa aur denaaa donon ‘haraam’ hein.”
( In Islam, both the giving and taking of dowry are totally prohibited)

Let us now make a beginning to eliminate such social vices, and enhance the image of Islam. Let us also vow that we will totally boycott the marriages where dowry is given or taken, and will also boycott the person about whom we come to know that he has taken the dowry.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
Chairman, All India Muslim Forum
Sherwani Nagar, Sitapur Road
Lucknow, U.P. India

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