The Majlis has emerged as a party to reckon with in the Telangana region. Thanks to its impressive performance in the local body polls, leaderships of both Congress and TRS are in touch with the Majlis. In several municipalities the party is in a king maker position and can influence the election of chairman and vice chairman.
Good show
In the Panchayat Raj elections too it put up a good show by bagging 16 MPTCs – 14 in Ranga Reddy district and one each in Adilabad and Nizamabad. In the municipal elections it secured 101 divisions. The spectacular gains touched off celebrations in the Majlis headquarters at Darussalam with bursting of crackers. Elected candidates thronged to the office and garlanded the party president, Asaduddin Owaisi.
The Majlis has emerged strong in the Nizamabad municipal corporation bagging 16 seats. The Congress has also secured an equal number while the TRS has won 10 divisions. The BJP comes a distant fourth with just 6 divisions. The position of Mayor or deputy Mayor is sure for the Majlis here. But which party it will choose to align with - Congress or TRS – is the question.
Vigorous campaign
The impressive gains here has buoyed the spirits of Majlis which has set its sight on the Nizamabad Assembly seat. Both the Owaisi brothers campaigned extensively in Assembly poll and the result of municipal corporation is seen as an indication of things to come.
If the Majlis wins the Nizambad Assembly seat then it will be in a much stronger position to bargain for the Mayoral position in the corporation, it is said
The Majlis has made good inroads in the Adilabad district with impressive performance in Bhainsa and Nirmal municipalities. Having won 12 wards, the Bhainsa municipality is very much in its kitty. In Nirmal the party is in second position with 10 wards while the BSP leads with 18.
Without Majlis support no party can run the show here, it is said.
The Majlis performance in Tandur and Sangareddy is equally good. It has secured 10 and 8 wards respectively here.
The TRS has got 10 and Congress 8 divisions in Tandur and in Sangareddy the Congress leads with 10 seats. Here too the Majlis is in a commanding position. In Mahboobnagar municipality the Majlis and TRS share 7 seats each while the Congress leads with 14 seats.
Sources say Majlis decision to support Congress or TRS will depend on the result of the Assembly polls.
Moreover, election of municipal chairpersons will not take place before the MLAs and MPs, who have voting rights by virtue of their being ex-officio members, take oath.