Thursday, May 15, 2014

Madrasas Lagging Far Behind in Education, States Survey

Bangalore. More than 86 per cent of Madrasas across the State do not teach their students basic Mathematics and Social Science, according to a survey conducted by Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO), Karnataka zone.
SIO State President Thouseef Ahmed said the survey was conducted from November 2013 to April 2014 at 29 major Madrasas across the State. The survey looked at aspects like physical education, Kannada/English teaching, lack of Mathematics and Social Science subjects, library and own building.
The survey found that 78 per cent students of Madrasas cannot speak Arabic fluently. This reflects the dismal quality of education, Ahmed said.
While a majority of Madrasas do not teach basic Mathematics and Social Science, 72.41 per cent Madrasas do not teach Kannada and English and 75.86 per cent do not teach Computer Science. While 65.51 per cent Madrasas do not have playground, 89.65 per cent do not have play equipment. Also, 96.55 per cent Madrasas do not have physical education teachers.
However, Ahmed said a few Madrasas, including at Kandloor, Bhatkal, Sindagi and Chikballapur can be categorised as model Madrasas with modern library, computer lab, playgrounds and many co-curricular activities. They also teach Kannada and English, he added.
He also said there are more than 15 major Muslim organisations in the state. “We will give this survey report and appeal to them to form a committee to design the syllabus and regulate and supervise all madrasas in the State. We also want contemporary syllabus for madrasa students,” he added.
Academician Niranjan Aradhya said madrasas students cannot compete with their mainstream counterparts.

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