Monday, May 12, 2014

Discussion on "Knowledge: Islamization to Creation"

“Knowledge: Islamization to Creation”
Yesterday attended a discussion on, “Knowledge: Islamization to Creation”. Dr. Zaki Kirmani was the host. Prof. Dr. Nijatullah Siddiqui chaired. The event was an intellectual leisure. The idea of filtering all knowledge and sifting what is not Islamic may look ideal but not practical. “Creation” of knowledge is a confusing term. As Dr. Mohd Noor Deshmukh pointed out in his intervention, all knowledge already exists; we only explore the existing knowledge. Exploring the rules on which nature is functioning is knowledge.  Dr. Rafat in his thought provoking discourse of 17 minutes explained that basically human nature is “righteous” and knowledge acquired and explored in un-Islamic world cannot be discarded as un-Islamic. He stressed that Muslims should come forward in exploring (scientific knowledge). There is a strong objection that science negates existence of Allah. But it is not ultimate truth. Science acknowledges that that universe is working under certain rules and laws. This affirmation is acceptance of a power which has made the laws. He stressed that Muslims should be part of exploring knowledge with the sense what is permitted (معروف) and what is prohibited (منگر)
After the programme, I had the pleasure to have a glass of fresh lemonade with Dr. Mohd Noor Deshmukh, Syed Ausaf Ali, Syyed Khurram Shahabuddin and Dr. Mohd. Kafeel Ansari, at my residence. We discussed our mission under “All India Educational Movement” aiming to exhort Muslims to concentrate on acquiring knowledge and contribute their part in exploring new avenues. 

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