Monday, April 28, 2014

Effect on health of NaMo speeches and interviews

Read the story, and see If U feel guilty

A young lady called her family doctor, “Sir, It is emergency. I am suffering from nausea, vomiting, have severe headache.”

“Sir, I am depressed and want to jump from my terrace.”

Doctor murmured, "Oh very bad. What you take in dinner?”

“Sir, 2 chapattis, vegetable and little rice with chicken soup.”

“Anything else?”

“An small glass of lemonade/”

“Who was with U on dinner table?”

“My husband”

“What U people did after dinner?”

“Sir, we only viewed TV.”

“What programme u viewed?”

“Oh Sir, I am feeling very uneasy, let me vomit?” She vomit profusely. 

Dr. calls her: “Be brave, let me know to prescribe medicine, what programme you viewed?”

 “Sir, we viewed some clipping from NaMo speeches and his three interviews.”

“Oh sir, It is unbearable, I am going to terrace to jump"
“One last question!” The worried Doctor asked hurriedly, “Did you vote yester

“Yes Sir, It is why I am so depressed, I voted for the man.”

Doctor said, “Be relaxed. You need not to jump again to take your life. You have already jumped in morass (daldal) where only Lotus survives …….”

(For literature lovers)

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