Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Girl bites off stalker's tongue as he tries to forcibly kiss her

Bhopal : In a desperate act of self-defence, a teen aged girl bit off her stalker’s tongue when he grabbed her and forcibly tried to kiss in Bhopal on Tuesday.
The girl later approached the police station and lodged the complaint against him.
The incident occurred in Kotra Sultanabad locality in Bhopal.
Kamlesh Sharma, 31, often followed the 18-year-old girl when she left home for work. On Tuesday, he intercepted her on the way and then forcibly tried to kiss her. The girl resisted but when he didn't let go, she bit his tongue hard, the girl told media.
She said she wished she would have hurt him even more severely for his act.
Town inspector Manish Raj Bhadoria said the accused had been taken into custody and was being interrogated by the Kampla police station where the girl had lodged the complaint.
Kamlesh Sharma hails from Morena. He has been living in Bhopal for quite some time. He works at a stone crushing unit.
Sharma has been administered medication. Police said that the injury was not major and he is able to speak, albeit with some difficulty.

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