Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yadav Government of U.P. dares to appoint a Muslim as DGP

Amid the criticism of mishandling during riots in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli Districts and for coercing victims to vacate the the relief camps without providing an opportunity of safe return to their homes or for shifting to safer places, Yadavs Government in U.P. is resorting to cosmetic actions to show that Yadavs are not averse to Muslim masses, has appointed a Muslim IPS officer as Director General of Police, the highest post in the state, but for a very brief period is his retirement is due within next two months.
Ahmad's name for the post was doing rounds in the IPS circles since April when former DGP A C Sharma was on his way out. He had overseen arrangements of the iftaar party hosted by CM Akhilesh Yadav. However, Nagar was appointed as the DGP in April.
Mr. Rizwan Ahmad was holding the post of State Railway Police Chief till Tuesday when he assumed the office of the DGP, in Lucknow, following the retirement of Mr. Nagar. His appointment came as surprise posting since U.P. Government is shy to appoint two Muslim officers at one time on two sensitive posts. Currently another Muslim officer, Mr. Jawed Usmani is holding top post of Chief Secretary of the State. For postings on higher positions religion, cast and creed get prevalence on his seniority or ability in Uttar Pradesh, however there is no harm if one is Yadav. At present U.P. Government is all Yadav Family Company. Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav is Party Chief, brother Shivpal Yadav holds practically position of no. 2 and holding plum department of PWD.
In some media reports chances of his extension are being expected in view of 2014 Lok Sabha Elections for two reasons. One he is favorite of Yadavs, secondly if elections are announced before his retirement, and code of conducts comes into force, State Government may not be able to appoint new DGP.
A report suggests that S P Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav used his veto to handpick Ahmad, overlooking the claim of other aspirants -- A L Banerjee, Arun Kumar Gupta and Ranjan Dwivedi.
Evidently, Mulayam’s final decision is understood to have been influenced by his desperation to woo back Muslims, who were appearing to be terribly disillusioned with the ruling SP because of the government’s poor handling of the Muzaffarnagar riots and now brutal handling of riot victims who were living in camps and are being evacuated by force. UP government under the instructions of Mulayam Sing is dealing harshly with those who were rendered homeless and had sought refuge in relief camps set up for the victims. As many as 34 children died in the relief camps because of the inadequate facilities and biting cold.
And no sooner than Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi sneaked into these camps unannounced to highlight the plight of the victims, the state government not only ordered closure of the camps, but also uprooted their shelters and dug out the place with bulldozers.  
Mulayam, who was widely seen to be doing all the backseat driving behind his chief minister son, even, went to the extent of labeling the camp inmates as “conspirators planted there by the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party.”
Having drawn much flak on account of these controversies, Mulayam hopes to retrieve his apparently lost Muslim support with one stroke -- appointing a Muslim as the state’s first Muslim police chief.
Rizwan Ahmad is the first Muslim to assume the post in the state.

A native of Ballia, 1987 batch IPS officer Rizwan Ahmad was posted as Director General, Railways, since May after he was shifted from the post of Director General (Telecom). On Tuesday evening, he said boosting the morale of police personnel and maintaining peace in the state will be his priorities.

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