Thursday, January 16, 2014

Will not lead funeral prayers of drunkards- Warn Imams of Bihar

Sunni Imams of Nalanda have called people to socially boycott habitual drunkards and warned if they did not shun the habit, the Imams will not lead or offer Namaz-e-Janaza (funeral prayers) of habitual drunkards.
This decision was taken at a meeting of Nalanda District Imams in meeting held under the auspices of Anjuman Faizan-e-Mustafa, Biharsharief. Maulana Mahtab Alam Makhdumi, the president of the Anjuman at district headquarter of Nalanda presided over the meeting. Maulana called it a “historic decision” and hoped, “it will send a strong massage among Muslims not to consume liquor."
He pointed out that consuming of liquor, even is small quantity is strongly prohibited in Islam. He said, “it was decided to first socially boycott those drinking liquor in public places.”
"We have urged people that drunkards should be socially boycotted. Even after that if they fail to end their habit, we will not lead their funeral prayers," he said.
Makhdumi told IANS over telephone that after the decision was taken after much deliberation to end increasing trend of drinking liquor among Muslims.
"It is a tough decision as there is no other method left to warn the drunkards," he said.
The Muslim community has welcomed this move.
"It will help discourage consuming of liquors and serve as a warning for drunkards," said Nayiar Fatmi, a Muslim activist in Patna.
Makhdumi said that after this decision is successfully implemented in Nalanda, they would request Imams of other districts across Bihar to start similar campaigns.
Last week, alarmed over the trend of dowry among Muslims, clerics in Nalanda said they won't conduct marriage ceremony of those who give or take dowry.
In New Delhi Syyed Mansoor Agha, who has translated many books on Islam, said that Namaz-e-Jinaza is farz-e-kifaya and there is only one exception reported when Prophet SAW refused to offer Namaz-e-Janaza.
Jabir b. Samura reported: (The dead body) of a person who had committed suicide and killed his person with a broad-headed arrow, was brought before the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him), but he did not offer prayers for him. (Muslim)
He pointed out that Namaz-e-Jinaza will be offered even if deceased was not faithful practitioner of Islam and was a grave sinner, but died as Muslim and had not declared himself a non-Muslim. There is a possibility that before he breathed last, he may have begged for pardon from Allah, the Merciful and He may have pardoned his sins.
"We have decided not to conduct Nikah (marriage) for those who take and give dowry in the district," Qazi Maulana Mansur Alam, who Heads Imarat-e-Sharia of Biharsharief in Nalanda, had said

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