Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Supreme Court Speeds up Haring of old Criminal Cases

New Delhi: Over 66,000 cases are pending in the Supreme Court of India. Of them 12,000 are criminal appeals. According to the figures issued monthly by the Court Registry, the pendency includes the 5,826 cases registered in December 2013. The SC was able to dispose of just 4,295 cases. Many of the cases are pending for over a decade and several appellants are in jail.
There is good news for those whose criminal cases are pending for more than one decade. The Chief Justice of India, in a move aimed at speeding up the disposal of such cases has constituted a special bench.
The bench of Justices SJ Mukopadhyaya and Ranjana Prakash Desai had started its working on Tuesday and on first sitting hared nineteen criminal appeals filed by convicts lodged in jails or on bail and disposed of 14 cases on the first day.  The oldest matter heard was filed in 2003. So 187 cases have been marked by CJI to the bench for their speedy disposal.
The CJI constituted the bench on December 21, 2013, after the success of National Lok Adalat held in November last. Organized by the National Legal Services Authority, the court had disposed of over 30 lakh cases.
This is the second time a special bench has been constituted to hear criminal appeals. In the aftermath of the December 16 gang rape, retired chief justice Altamas Kabir too had set up a similar bench to try cases of crimes against women.
The bench of justice AK Patnaik and justice Gyan Sudha Misra began its hearing on January 14, 2013, and a total of 526 cases relating to rape, dowry and other sexual offences from 2002 were listed before it.

Summery of Cases Pending in SCI: 

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