Friday, January 3, 2014

NaMo Presided over massacre of innocent People: Prime Minister

“It would be disastrous for the country to have Narendra Modi as prime minister,” said the 81-year-old prime minister, in his sharpest attack yet on the Gujarat chief minister, whose party has in the past accused him of being a weak prime minister.
“If by strong prime minister you mean that you preside over the mass massacre of innocent citizens in the streets of Ahmedabad—if that is the measure of strength—I do not believe that’s the type of strength this country needs, least of all from its prime minister,” Singh said.
That was a reference to the Hindu-Muslim riots that engulfed Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s principal city, in 2002. Around 1,000 people, mainly Muslims, were killed after the torching of a train carriage left 59 Hindu pilgrims dead in the town of Godhra.
Modi and his government have been accused by activists and political opponents of doing little to stop the violence. Last month, after a court ruled that there was no “prosecutable evidence” against him, Modi wrote on his official blog that he had had been “shaken to the core” by the violence.

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