Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Media corrupt, bribed by Modi" AAP Leader blames and retracts

The creation of BJP and media, AAP is now complaining both to tarnish its image in the public. The party has directly blamed Modi of bribing media for negative reporting against AAP. On Saturday, in a Press Conference Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his Law Minister Somnath Bharti charged media of being corrupt and biased.
The comment came when a reporter asked Mr. Bharti to react on the BJP’s demand of his resignation.
BJP had demanded his resignation “on moral grounds” for forcing police to act against some Africans who were allegedly involved in immoral activities in Khirki Extension. BJP was quick to demand Bharti’s resignation on “moral grounds.” The party has made it a habit of demanding resignation of leaders the party opposes.
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Bharti was asked by a reporter, “if he would resign on moral grounds?” Bharti shot back, “How much money has you got from Narendra Modi?”
Reacting on the report, AICC general secretary in-charge for Delhi Shakeel Ahmed said, “The media has different takes on issues. Kejriwal and the AAP is a media creation. Considering that, I am really surprised at this charge and at this observation from the AAP.”
Alarmed of media reaction on his sweeping comment, AAP leader was quick to take a U turn and apologised for his comments. A few hours later, Kejriwal accused the media of being associated with political parties.
“One reporter called me. He told me that his editor has asked him to find a negative story on AAP. He said that of 50 people he met not even a single man was ready to badmouth AAP,” Kejriwal said.
“The reporter also told me, “I had to then ask some people to speak negatively about AAP”. There are a few party people and a section of the media that are broadcasting negative things about us,” Kejriwal said.
Kejriwal also claimed that the media had asked Inder Prakash of Ashray Adhikaar Sewa, who had complained to Kejriwal about the lack of night shelters, to say two “negative lines” about Kejriwal.
“Inder Prakash called me this morning. He said the media asked him to say two negative lines on me. We established 70 night shelters in 20 days. I want to ask why negative publicity against us. Journalists are honest but their owners have joined hands with political parties,” he said.

It is well known fact that AAP and anti corruption movement is a creation of Media and family of Modi. Prominent BJP leaders joined Anna stage to spill beans against UPA. Sangh, as revealed by Shri Mohan Bhagwat, fully backed the movement. The strategy was to discredit UPA for elections gains. But now Kejriwal and his party AAP are being seen as a biggest hurdle in the way of BJP and Modi in 2014 elections. The media is full of Sangh supporters and reportedly Modi is doing a lot to get favor on social, electronic and print media. Now they are panicked of AAP and Kejriwal. 

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