Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Shervani argued for dialogue between Muslims and the BJP.

The question is do Muslims feel need to have a dialogue with BJP? Second- Can BJP be trusted, keeping in view the ideology which is very basis of BJP and Mother RSS?--Editor

Read what Dr. Shervani posted on his facebook account "Mash'al"

Need for Muslim- B.J.P. Dialogue
Let nobody interpret this offer as a symbol of Muslims’ defeatism or an abject surrender to communal forces of the country. However, it is genuinely motivated by my ardent wish to seek an emancipation from the vicious circle of the brokers of secularism who have wreaked havoc for my community. It is an invitation to both to realize the realities. We have seen the naked display of communalism in Gujrat genocide, and we have also seen the teeth of secularism in the form of Muslim massacre on the streets of Mumbai in the aftermath of Babri Masjid tragedy. Justice Sri Krishna Commission identified the real culprits but till date not even a single F.I. R. has been lodged, let alone any other punitive action. We have seen the face of secularism when immediately after Gujrat carnage , Mayawati went there to canvass for Modi. We have the true form of secularism in the horrors of Muzaffar Nagar, which have left even Gujrat far behind.
Let R.S.S/ B.J.P. realize that Muslims are a glaring reality of the country, and if anybody denies it, it is their blindness. The present predicament of the community must not be perceived as their acceptance of defeat. We are a community who have the inherent collective strength for resurgence, and I am sure, the current turmoil is paving the way in this direction. However, the B.J.P. and its allies must be fully aware that world is changing. India is changing. New values are emerging, and our social ethos is undergoing a radical transformation which has no place for the lunatic fringes like Praveen Tugadia, Yogi Aditya Nath and their ilk. Vast majority of Hidus, especially the young generation are now disgusted of old outmoded tapes and stereotyped ideological rhetoric. They want to see India as a world power in the beginning of 21st century.
Let Muslims also realize that the B.J.P. or for that purpose Narendra Modi are the realities of the country, and if they (Muslims) deny it ,it is nothing but adopting an ostrich policy. They must try to read the writing on the wall. The vast majority of Muslims, especially the youth are also fed up ,not only with the old slogans of secularism and communalism, but also with the clerics who, on the one hand work as agents of different political parties, while on the other stoke sectarian hatred. This continued phenomenon has proved a bloom for the fiction of secularism but a gloom for us. For the last twenty years, our intellectuals have invented a theory of ‘ tactical voting’, i.e. to vote for the candidates who are in a position to defeat B.J.P. Whatever may be the rationale of this new concept, for me it is the height of mental bankruptcy. Now this slogan of ‘ Defeat B.J.P.’ has been replaced by ‘ Stop Modi’.
Now a time has approached when there must be a direct dialogue between Muslims and B.J.P.. Now enough is enough. The more we delay, the stronger will be the shackles of hypocritical secularists. I know it fully well that this writing may look like a bolt from the blue, especially for those who have been thriving on this political environment. I may be branded as an agent of B.J.P., but it is a time for pause and thought. The genuineness and force of this initiative will unfold in the time to come, if not right now.
Let me conclude with the following two couplets of Dr. Allama Iqbal.

“ Shaktee bhee shantee bhee bhakton ke geet mein hei,
Bharat ke vasiyon kee muktee hee preet mein hei”

“ Watan kee fikr kar naa daan, museebat aaney walee hei,
Teree barbadiyon ke mashwarey hein aasmaanon mein”

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, LL.D.
Chairman, All India Muslim Forum
Sitapur Road, Lucknow, U.P. India

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