Saturday, January 25, 2014

Demeaning Nizam is demeaning History; He was in ideal Ruler of Hyderabad State

Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan with Nehri
Hyderabad: Family members of the Nizam, the erstwhile ruler of Hyderabad State, have condemned the "disparaging" remarks made by ignorant political leaders in Andhra Pradesh legislature about him during the debate on the bill for formation of separate Telangana state.
The Nizam Family Welfare Association, which represents family member of Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last ruler of Hyderabad State, said the members made the remarks out of their bias and ignorance of history.
"Hyderabad State under Nizams remained a secular and was a symbol of communal harmony.
The legacy and heritage of Nizam or the Asif Jahi dynasty who ruled for 228 years was so impressive and rich that no one can run it down," Association president Nawab Najaf Ali Khan said in a statement here Thursday.
Blaming Nizam for bifurcation of the State is baseless. Dragging his name in the debate is diabolical act.
During the debate former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had claimed Hyderabad developed during his rule and not during Nizam's rule. In an oblique reference to Naidu’s Najaf Ali Khan said no political leaders can compare his services with the contribution of Nizam and his farsightedness. The erstwhile ruler of the State The Nizams left an indelible mark in almost every sphere of life.
"The politicians should take their lessons again from the history. They are quite ignorant about the vast administrative skills displayed by the Nizam," he said.
He said the Nizam brought in latest technologies of the time. It was during his rule that Osmania University, Osmania Hospital, Niluofer Hospital, hundreds of schools, colleges, scientific and research institutes were set up.
The Nizam also built roads, started railways, aviation services, introduced telephone, radio, electricity, postal services, built water supply and drainage systems and established industries including Nizam Sugar Factory.

Khan said even when he was not the ruler, the Nizam served the people. He set up Nizam Orthopaedic Hospital with his own money when during a visit to Osmania Hospital he saw a boy, whose leg was amputated and he was told that  facility to put an artificial limb was available only in Pune. He also set up Nizam Charitable Trust in 1954 with the corpus amount of Rs.4.9 crore. It is still in existence helping the poor and needy regardless of religion and caste. Nizam was an able and kind ruler with vision.

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