Friday, December 27, 2013

Victims of Muzaffarnagar Riots are Getting Threats to Leave Camps

Sohail Siddiqui, Editor of has said in report captioned, "Victims at Muzaffarnagar Refugee Camps threatened by Patwari and Pradhans to with draw F.I.R.'s in lieu of compensations" The report is reproduced here:

 Abdul Basit Hasan [42] is from Lisarh village presently in Kandhla as refugee along with 5000 lisarians as refugees in Kandhla.He along with his five family members and two married brothers is today totally shattered.Like many other refugee victims whose houses [165] have been burnt in Lisarh his family has lost his house totally burnt and looted.Though he has been given a 5 lakh compensation he told this correspondent that he has been openly threatened by the village Pradhan Ajeet urf Kala and Patwari Anuj Sharma to with draw the two F.I.R.'s that he has launched then only he would be given remaining compensation, till he does not with draw his F.I.R.'s he would not be allowed in the village. Qari Abdul Basit Hasan filed two F,I.R.'s one of the attack on Madrasa where he was a teacher and one of the attack on his house.
The same Patwari and Pradhan are dictating terms on behalf of the rioters and no action on the F.I.R.'s of the victims has been taken even after four months,though 600 named and 700 unnamed F.I.R's have been filed. 
Nafees Ali of Lisarh [15 in the family] was denied compensation after his name was included in the govt. list but was struck down on communal Patwari Anuj Sharma's report that he does not live here from last 2 years. Despite several representations nothing moved in favour of his case as the entire communal administration is working on an Agenda ? Tehsildar Budhana, SDM Shamli,ADM Shamli,CEO Budhana, SO Phugana, Khandrawli chowki Incharge,[ Harkrishan Malik,Rajinder,Ajeet,KK Sharma and KP Sharma] are some of the communal officers who should be removed and punished for following a biased and corrupt policy of distributing compensation not on facts.
Mohammed Inaam [22] brother of Gulsher from Lisarh village whose parents Haji Nabbu [55] and Zarifa [50] lost their lives to brutal attacks by Jats of the Lisarh village on 7th September'13.Both Haji Nabbu and Zarifa fled village Lisarh for Kandhla via Meemla forest which is a dense forest, but both were chased and cut to death in the forest.Next day the dead body of Zarifa and another Muslim resident of Lisarh "Sukkan" surfaced on the waters of eastern Yeman Nahar  which were sent for postmortem. Inaam today is in total shatters with a copy an F.I.R.[253/13-page no: book no: 0212645] dated 19-9-13 and a postmortem report of her mother Zarifa's dead body dated 09-09-13 from District Hospital Bagpat by Dr.Harish Kumar, name of CP 248 Charan Singh and HC 539 Rehtagu [unable to read hindi writing on postmortem] from police station Baraut are mentioned as persons who brought the dead body .
The F.I.R mentions names of 61 persons who were responsible for murders,attack, looting and burning of village Lisarh and his house in Lisarh on 7th September'13.Both sons of Victims Haji Nabbu/Zarifa and Sukkan are live witnesses to murders in Meemla forest and mayhem in Lisarh village.Thirteen Muslims have been reported missing from Lisarh village only three dead bodies have been recovered, the Kandhla Chowki Incharge K.K.Sharma slapped an Ansari boy in a Bus post the F.I.R. warning hIm that more Muslims should be killed such is the state of police in "helping" trace the murders.
While Sukkan family of gulabh has been given 5 lakh compensation, Inaam and Gulsher's family of Haji Nabbu/Zarifa have been denied as police despite F.I.R. and Postmortem report denies their claim.The poor boys Inaam and Gulsher went back to their homes in Lisarh only to stopped by neighbour jats,warning them they be allowed only when they with draw cases by signing affidavits.
The UP government officials are busy with official propaganda lies of giving relief but the compensation being distributed is with threat and condition that victims with draw F.I.R.'s then only they be allowed back in their houses,the victims have no where to go but risk their lives in open sky plastic huts in freezing cold winters.And to add to this is the propaganda of communal government that conspirators are staying in camps not victims. Today another propaganda has been launched by the UP government through its embedded channel sahara samey that many people from Bagpat,Meerut,Saharanpur are camping in refugee camps in hope of getting compensation, when no violence took place in these areas.
This correspondent [was told not to travel by train] traveled by bus back from Kandla Kairana via Panipat to Delhi, such is the hate for Muslims that bearded Muslims with identified Muslims similes of Topi and Burka are not allowed in the roadways buses.This writer had to force stop a roadways bus to gain his entry in one of the buses and the whole travel route was witness to communal comments the driver passed on seeing Muslims on roads [these fellows will make our land Pakistan no place for them in our bus] and the passengers supported the driver by heartily laughing on these comments,the bus driver as I could make out was from Haryana neighbouring border of these Jat lands.
The Human Rights Commission of India government too has frauduently become active to speak on behalf of the Victims from yesterday [where was it from last 4 months?] ,since an online petition has been launched by me and I have filed a complaint with United Nations Human Rights Council.[ ].
The Minorities Commission too is too showing it is active and has jumped in after every attempt of the government failed to hide the mass Human Rights Violations by state and federal governments of the Muslim Victims of western Uttarpradesh worst anti-Muslim riot " a state sponsored pogrom ". Can these state sponsored paid employees of Anti-Muslim governments do any welfare for Victims but are only covering -up for the state.
The repeated false Propaganda on TV Channels/Newspapers by the government that there are only two camps of refugees left with not more than 5000 victims in them is again an attempt to cover up the entire scam of relief which the government started.The fact is still in small and big [39] refugee camps in two districts of Muzaffarnagar and Shamli there are more than 37,000 thousand victims and more than 60,000 migrants from 192 villages are putting up in and around the two districts either on rent or with relatives/community/friends,none has gone back to villages as being claimed by the government.
The Victims are waiting for Justice how soon it is delivered to them to start leading a normal life despite all what they have gone through.

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