Sunday, December 15, 2013

How Justice (Rtd.) A. K. Ganguly Slipped from High Moral Ground Under the influence of Liquor?

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How Justice (Rtd) A. K. Ganguly slipped from
moral high ground in the influence of liquor/

Look where Justice A.K.Ganguly slipped? He did not push himself on his Intern but indulge to luder him and share bed with him with "consent". We consider 'sex out of marital bonds' illegal and great sin, which is no crime in modern legal system. Here lies the fault. Why the voteries of "sex with consent" object for an act of trying the "girl" to give her consent. To us this is also a sin and so Quraan says, And do not go near to fornication. It is an indecent act, an evil way” (17:32)."“These are the limits of Allâh, so do not overstep them” (2:229-

From Indian Express: 

'When I tried to move away, he kissed my arm, repeated he loved me... Asked me to share room'

'Is this how you would treat your daughter, My Lord?' The Additional Solicitor General asks as she shares what the law intern who has accused ex-SC judge A K Ganguly of sexual harassment told a court panel
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