Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good Samaritan Muslim Girl Lauded for Heroic Act in Bombay

Michelle Kamle being felicitated by KP Raghuvanshi on Tuesday.
The young Muslim girl student was felicitated by Thane police commissioner KP Raghuvanshi on Thursday for extremely humane act to step forward and single handedly making an brave effort for saving life of a person who was seriously injured in a road rage case.
Michelle Kazim Kamle, 19, a resident of Kalyan West is a first-year student of Bachelor of Management Studies at Birla College. On Saturday evening around 5.45 pm when she was returning home on her scooter’ she saw a middle aged person being attacked by two other persons in injuring him.
She told a modest gathering in the presence Mr. Raghuvanshi, “I was some distance away, but I could tell they were quarrelling. Suddenly, a man pulled out a knife and slashed leg of the person with whom he was quarreling. The wounded person fell down, but managed to get up and ride on his scooter. I thought he was all right. But a few hundred meters further down the road, he fell off his scooter, bleeding profusely," she said. 
The wounded person was one Mayur Mehta, 53, who was returning home from work to celebrate his marriage ceremony. He was Chief Executive Officer of Klini Tek Diagnostic Centre at Rambaug.
On the way his scooter brushed the motorcycle of one Jayesh Dongre. An enraged Dongre, who was with his friends, confronted Mehta and following an argument stabbed him in the leg and fled away.
Narrating the incidence Kazim Kamle told the audience, “Seeing the man felling on the road, I parked my scooter on one side and rushed to help him immediately. But I was shocked to see that though the assailant has fled, a crowd of 40 to 50 simply stood around. Nobody come forward to help him and watched victim as he lost consciousness, his trousers soaked in blood.”
"By then it was around 6 pm. I lifted his head off the ground, trying to keep him conscious. Seeing little response, I took off my dupatta (headscarf) and tied it around his wound.”
She said, “I am a Muslim and in our religion, we do not remove our headscarf. But at that moment, I did what was right. To save the life of a human being is a work of great sawab (reward) in our religion, so I instantly acted and do what was needed at the moment.”
“But all the while I saw people still standing around and staring but doing nothing. It angered me so much that I shouted at them. I then asked a few onlookers to at least stop an auto, but none of the drivers they halted was willing to take the wounded person to the hospital.” 
"Seeing this, I myself stopped an auto. But when I asked driver to help me to take the wounded person to hospital, he bluntly refused. I was so upset that I picked up a stone and broke his windscreen.”

“Thankfully, there is still some humanity left. Seeing this, others finally came forward and the auto driver eventually agreed to take us to Telavane Hospital. Mehta was admitted to the ICU at 6.45 pm. However due to excessive bleeding his life could not be saved. Only if, people could help me, we could have saved a lot of time and brought him to the hospital earlier. Around 9.30 pm I got to know that he did not survive, I was shocked and rushed to the hospital." she said.

Kazim Kamle, a resident of Doodh Naka near Kalyan's Jama Masjid, said, “I broke down on seeing Mehta's grieving wife and daughter, and when I learnt that Saturday was Mehta's wedding anniversary, I was more shocked.”
This was her first encounter with the family. Mehta family is Hindu and Kamle is practicing Muslim but she could feel the shock. Humanity is stronger bond then cast, creed and religion. The family though shocked, was thankful to Kamle.
"If people had helped me quickly and not just stood around watching, he would not have lost so much blood. Had he been brought to the hospital sooner, he would have been alive to celebrate with his family," she said. 
Mehta’s niece said, “The family is shocked. It was my uncles wedding anniversary, a joyous occasion that went horribly wrong. We were waiting for him to come home but instead we received the news that he is seriously injured.”
Kazim Kamle, her father, said, "I am sad for Mehta's death. But I am proud that my daughter, who is just 19, did not think twice before helping him. Hope this sends a message to people who do nothing." 
Kazim said, “Today, I am very proud of my daughter. Everybody is appreciating and applauding her efforts. I am thrilled that my daughter is being felicitated by KP Raghuvanshi, Police Commissioner of Thane. Today when I went for a walk, two girls recognized me and said, ‘hey look, Michelle’s father’. That was the happiest moment of my life.”
Inspector Sunil Dhanawade of Mahatma Phule Police Station said, "We arrested Dongre late on Sunday night from Rambaug and recovered the knife. He has been charged with murder and the court has given the police custody of him till December 21."
Praising the young girl Mr. Raghuvanshi said, "I read the Mumbai Mirror report and felt that here is a young woman who decided to help a person in need despite of getting no help. Had other people been quick in offering help, a life could have been saved”.
At specially organized function at Kalyan, Raghuvanshi also felicitated Amol Joshi and Mohammed Ghulam Hussain Kamle, who noted down the motorcycle number of the man who stabbed Mehta.
Raghuvanshi said, "It's not true that police harasses eyewitnesses or those who help. Yes, police asks several questions but that is only because they need to recreate the whole incident to build a tight  case.”

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