Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brelavi Ulema target “extremism” and other Islamic Sects in Amethi Conference

Molvi Ashraf of Kichaucha Sharif, the President address
Lucknow: All India Ulema & Mashaikh Board (AIUMB), a body of Barelvi School (Maslak) condemned “extremism” but targeted other sects of Muslims, unperturbed of damage to the fragile unity of Muslims in India in the wake of Hindutva expending its wings.
Last Sunday, thousands peoples reached to attend “Sunni Conference” in Amethi, though the organizers expected to attract many more people. Main issue addressed was the “spread of extremism” in the country, but speakers were also vocal to express their anguish against other sects (Masaliks) of Muslims.
The newly elected President of AIUMB, Molvi Syed Ashraf Kichchauchvi warned Union and State Governments and said the time has come when they will have to change their views and stop seeing Muslim issues from the eyes of Wahabi/Salafi elements. He informed the gathering that Wahabi and Sulfi Muslims have grabbed high positions for Muslims in the government bodies like Hajj Committees, Waqf Boards and Finance Corporations etc. He demanded more representation for his own sect.
He said, it is known that the Khanqahen, Aastane and Dargahen are spiritual centers that are revered by all including non-Muslims and so heads of the spiritual centers found it necessary to come out to save the country and the community from an extreme alien ideology (of Salfies) which according to his is destroying the social fabric and creating social disharmony. He was critical of government apathy towards the Barelvies Community which according to him boasts to be the second largest Muslim population in the world.
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Earlier the Core Committee of the AIUMB elected Molvi Syed Ashraf of Kichaucha Sharif, new President. Babar Ashraf was made new General Secretary.  Earlier he was National Secretary and replaced Kichauchwi who was General Secretary in last term.
The gathering was addressed by Syed Mehdi Mian and Syed Abdur Rab (Chand Mian) Molvi Ansar Raza, Syed Sayedul Anwar Syedi Mian, Molvi Junaid Khan, Molvi Syed Alamgir Ashraf, Molvi Nooruddin Asdaq, Molvi Shakil Misbahi, Syed Aamir Masoodi, Syed Tanvir Hashimi.
It is understood that demands for higher representation were raised under the advice of a senior minster in Yadav Government, who belongs to the same sect and was instrumental in the rise of Raza Khan Barelvi to the post equal to State Minister. He is also blamed to be a cause of killing of Muslims in Muzaffarnagar, which an area of influence of Deoband School of Thought (Maslak) denominated as Wahabis by Barelavi leaders and thinkers.
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