Sunday, December 29, 2013

Administration forcefully removing Muzaffarnagar riot victims from relief camps?

Muzaffarnagar: After declaring Muzaffarnagar riot victims- seeking shelter in numerous relief camps across the district- as party workers of Congress and BJP, the local administration is forcefully removing the people residing in these camps.
It has been alleged that the administration has left no stone unturned to dismantle these relief camps and has even used bulldozers to remove the victims. In the last two days, 30 families have been forcefully removed from these camps. The local administration says that it plans to relocate people seeking shelter in the Loi Refugee Camp to safer places within the next two-or-three days.
ADM Indramani Tripathi says that the administration has already provided compensation to 100 people and they will soon be relocated. So far, 167 people have been provided with relief compensation.
The administration's callous attitude was clearly on display when it registered a case against people who had pitched up tents on graveyard's land for illegal occupation of government land.
The administration says that they are trying their best to resettle these people as they fear that severe weather conditions may further worsen their condition.
Extreme weather has already claimed the life of 34 children in relief camps in Shamli and Muzaffarnagar. The government challenges these figures and say that ONLY 12 children died in the relief camps, rest of them died 'after they had vacated' these camps.
The administration refuted the claims that relief camps were dismantled. They say that only camps- vacated by people going back to their villages- were removed. The earthmovers were called in by the organisers of the relief camp as they wanted to level the earth. 
Chief Secretary Jawed Usmani says that many people are still residing in these camps even after receiving the compensation benefits. He alleged that some of the people are trying to dupe the administration by imposing as individual even after their families have been provided with the financial assistance. 
There are some other people who are demanding that their villages be included in the list of villages entitled for Rs. 5 lakh compensation and refusing to leave these camps.
Whereas, there is a large population of people who do not want to go back to their villages as they fear for their lives and are afraid that they will be attacked again

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